Private Courses

Tailored to your training needs!

Book your very own barista course for yourself, or for you and a friend or colleague, and we will tailor the training and content to suit your needs exactly. Many people prefer to learn in a small group or 1-1 environment, some don’t want to follow a standard syllabus or want to combine elements of different courses - if this is you, then Private Training is ideal.

Private Course outline

We can work with you on everything from basic coffee and sensory skills to the latest innovations in London Speciality Coffee. A popular choice is a private session to refine the way you brew at home, from pour-over filter to espresso and latte art. Alternatively, some students choose a guided tasting of coffee from different varietals and processing methods side by side, to develop their palate and sensory skills.


Rates start at £400 for a half-day and £600 for a full-day (incl. VAT and materials). This includes up to two students per class. 

How to book

Please fill in the form below with your details and what you would like to learn, or give us a call on ‪+44 (0)20 7886 8842‬, and we can help finding the best option for you!

Private Course enquiry