SCA Course and Certification Process

Before attending your SCA course with us

Book your course, sign up as a Learner and pay the Course Enrollment Fee to the SCA by following the steps below:

1. Start by booking your SCA course with us

2. If you’re not already registered as a Learner with the SCA, follow this link to register for your Learner account. This is free of charge.

3. Fill in your details and Learner number on our website here: Registering for SCA Courses

4. Within a week you’ll receive an email from the SCA with a payment link for the Course Enrollment Fee. Make sure you pay this fee ahead of your course, otherwise there might be issues with your SCA exams and certification.

Please read through the 'SCA Learner Guide' before attending your course, and contact us if you have any questions.

Taking the practical and written exams

1. You’ll take the practical exam in our Training Centre on the final day of your course.

2. Upon passing your practical exam, you’ll receive an email from the SCA with the online written exam invitation within the next 5 days. This includes a link to access the exam and all necessary information. If you’re attending an Introduction to Coffee or Foundation Level course you’ll only be taking the online written exam, there are no practical exams for these courses. 

3. When you’ve received your online written exam invitation you have 21 calendar days to sit the exam, and you’re allowed two attempts to pass.

4. If, for whatever reason, you don’t pass the written exam on your first attempt, please contact us before completing your second and final attempt. We’ll clarify any course topics and what to revise before you re-sit the exam.

Receiving your SCA Certificate

1. When you’ve passed your written exam your SCA Certificate will be available to view and download on your SCA Learner account.

Please note: the SCA recommends that the Learner takes the online written exam on a computer, rather than a tablet or phone. The full functionality of the online exam is not enabled on all tablets and phones so the Learner's ability to take the exam may be compromised.

You can find more information about the SCA and Certification on our website here