Workshops & Team Building

Are you looking for an energising start to your week away from the office, or a fun and hands-on session learning new skills as a team? Book a workshop with us!

We cater to various group sizes, and also offer bespoke workshops that are tailored to your team, such as a coffee tasting to bring energy to a team day or client meeting.

Latte art pour

Espresso & Latte Art Workshop

Ideal for teams with a competitive side, who would like a fun, fast-paced workshop.

We start with the foundations of espresso-making, and learn the skill of steaming glossy, creamy milk, perfect for latte art. We then focus on the techniques of pouring some of our favourite latte art patterns, making it fun and hands-on for everyone.

Your team will have plenty of time to chat and work together to improve your pouring skills - and don’t worry, we have you covered on the competitive side too, crowning the latte art champion of the day!

Tasting coffee

Coffee Tasting & Sensory Workshop

Ideal for teams who'd like to spend time together over coffee, improving their sensory skill and leaving energised.

We start with a fun sensory exercise to prepare us for the tasting, learning how to identify and describe flavour in coffee. Your team will then help prepare a professional tasting, known as a cupping,  featuring coffees from different origins, processing methods and roast levels.

Exploring what affects the taste and flavour of coffee, we’ll discover favourites and identify the team’s ideal coffee along the way - a delicious workshop, where you'll come back to the office feeling energised

Coffee tasted with spoons and chocolate

Add Chocolate to Your Tasting!

Bring your team on a sensory journey by adding chocolate to your coffee tasting.

Following coffee from seed to cup, we’ll explore the taste and flavour of coffee and chocolate and how one can change or enhance the flavour of the other.

Pairing for the occasion, your team will enjoy a delicious tasting of four craft chocolates and four freshly roasted, seasonal coffees.


We offer a range of prices dependent on the type of workshop you're interested in, duration and number of attendees that will be taking part. We also offer bespoke workshops that are tailored to your team, focusing on your interests and the goal for your team building session.

You can add coffee gifts for your team to take home, and a price for the latte art champion - we suggest coffees beans or craft chocolate!

Coffee Tasting & Sensory: prices start at £300 excl. VAT for up to 10 attendees
Espresso & Latte Art: prices start at £325 excl. VAT for up to 6 attendees
Bespoke Workshops are tailored to your team and quoted accordingly.

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