SCA Brewing Foundation

In this introduction to filter brewing you’ll learn key skills and techniques to brew delicious coffee consistently. Working through a range of brew methods, you’ll learn more about coffee origins as well as water quality, making this course a great launchpad for home brewers and professionals alike.

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Whether you're a home brewer or want to introduce brewed coffee to your cafe menu, this course is about understanding the fundamentals - both in theory and practice - of making delicious filter coffee.

Studying the difference between brewers and filtration across pour-over and immersion methods, we’ll look at various brew recipes and techniques. You’ll practise brewing on the V60, Clever Dripper and Aeropress, experimenting with different parameters to explore the difference in taste balance, strength and extraction levels in your brews.

  • SCA Fees & Certification

    The SCA Course Enrollment Fee of €50 is payable directly to the SCA, in addition to the course fee stated above. Find out more about the SCA Course and Certification process below.

    SCA Course and Certification Process 
  • Prerequisite Skills

    None - perfect for you if you’re a keen home brewer, or a barista wanting to improve your skills within other brew methods than espresso.

  • Additional Information

    Duration: A one-day course
    Max. attendees: 4
    Location: Our Barista Training Centre

    Complimentary lunch included