SCA Introduction to Coffee

Following the farm-to-cup journey of coffee, you’ll be introduced to all the key elements of specialty coffee. The first step to launching a career and qualifying as a coffee professional, this course is great for anyone looking to understand the ins and outs of coffee.

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This course is based on the SCA Coffee Skills modules of Green Coffee, Roasting, Sensory Skills and Brewing. You’ll learn about the history of coffee and how growing, processing and roasting affect the flavour of the final cup. You’ll also learn how to set up a cupping, the tasting technique professionals use to identify and describe the aroma and flavour of different coffees. We’ll cover filter brewing using the Hario V60 pour-over, looking at brew ratio, recipes, extraction theory and essential water chemistry. 

This course offers great insight for enthusiasts and for those interested in a career in coffee; a great overview of the industry covering different areas and avenues that will lead to your dream job - whether it be a roaster, cafe owner or quality controller, this is where it starts.

  • SCA Fees & Certification

    The SCA Course Enrollment Fee of €50 is payable directly to the SCA, in addition to the course fee stated above. Find out more about the SCA Course and Certification process below.

    SCA Course and Certification Process 
  • Prerequisite Skills

    None - perfect for anyone interested in learning more about all aspects of coffee.

  • Additional Information

    Duration: 4 hours
    Max. attendees: 4
    Location: Our Barista Training Centre